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  Henan Steel Road Industry Co.,Ltd.is affiliated to steel collar group company.Founded in 2002,the group company is a diversified company specializing in the sale,processing and transportation of metal materials.The company specializes in the production and sales of acid resistant steel(ND steel),weather resistant steel,wear-resistant steel,steel plate for high/medium/low temperature boiler vessel,high strength plate of low alloy plate,high-rise steel,Z-direction steel,and medium and high-end p
  • High corrosion resistance of aluminum zinc plating

    The corrosion resistance of Al Zn coated steel sheet is better than that of galvanized steel sheet in various environments. The unique dendritic structure of Al Zn coating is the main reason for the improvement of corrosion resistance. When the alumin...[查看详情]

  • High quality properties of aluminum plated zinc pl···

    The aluminum zinc plating steel plate is composed of aluminum zinc alloy structure, which is solidified by 55% aluminum, 43.4% zinc and 1.6% silicon at 600 ℃ high temperature. The whole structure consists of aluminum iron silicon zinc, forming a com...[查看详情]

  • Advantages of aluminum zinc plate

    Since the advent of aluminum zinc plate has been widely used in construction, home appliances and other major industries. Due to the continuous expansion of the scope of application, the formability and various properties of the products for the steel...[查看详情]

  • Production process of aluminum zinc plate

    The corrosion resistance of 55% aluminized zinc sheet is 2 to 6 times that of galvanized sheet. Because of its superior corrosion resistance and processing performance, it can be directly used as building roof panel, civil and home appliance back pane...[查看详情]

  • What is weathering steel?

    What is weathering steel, you often see some rusty architectural landscape, many may be weathering steel Oh!...[查看详情]

  • How to purchase weathering steel

    Weathering steel is a kind of high-quality steel plate, which is widely used. With more and more applications, the demanders are constantly expanding, and the trading of weathering steel is also constantly expanding. So what should be paid attention t...[查看详情]